Wedding DJs Love Bruno Mars – 4 Reasons Why You Should, Too

By August 3, 2017Blogs

Peter Gene Hernandez made his way onto the Billboard charts between late 2009 and early 2010 by co-producing and adding vocals to two hit singles – “Nothin’ on You” and “Billionaire.” Since then, Peter (better known as “Bruno Mars”) has been making hit after hit after hit on a seemingly endless winning streak – with a list of accolades and five Grammys to prove it.

Chances are that you have cut a rug, bust a move, got your groove on to and gotten jiggy with at least one Bruno Mars hit song. From his catchy and creative music videos to the viral videos and dance routines inspired by his hit songs, you have to admit that Bruno Mars has that “IT” factor that makes him the perfect choice for any wedding, party or even corporate social playlist.

Here are 4 quick reasons why wedding DJs enjoy adding Bruno Mars to the mix and (more importantly) why you should, too!

Bruno is a Wedding DJ’s “Treasure”

As a newlywed couple shares their first night jamming together on the dance floor as married spouses, they more than likely want a song that will keep the party going but allow them to reflect on just how much they care about each other. Bruno Mars has quite a few of these types of songs on his rapidly growing list of hits – including the 2013 hit song “Treasure.” Whether you want to enjoy a romantic stride or two-step with your significant other or simply want a great song to get the crowd jumping and even start an old-fashioned Soul Train line, Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” is a solid track to add to your playlist.

Bruno Loves You “Just the Way You Are”

At almost every wedding, you have at least one song that reminds you of the power of unconditional love for the long haul and not expecting each other to change. Bruno Mars hit the nose on the head with his debut solo single in 2010 – “Just the Way You Are.” Most wedding DJs have an arsenal of slow dance songs that they can use for those “Couples Only” dance or even the memorable First Dance. However, for a slow dance song that puts a little pep in your step and keeps the pace of the party energetic and exciting, a song like “Just the Way You Are” is a perfect puzzle piece that fits right into any wedding reception playlist.

Uptown Funk

Years from now, when fans and critics look back on Bruno Mars’ career and his award-winning list of hit singles, one song that will likely stand out is the undeniable classic “Uptown Funk.” Wedding DJs strive to find the perfect songs to please the party guests and the diverse taste of music that is present in most crowds. There is a relatively short list of timeless classics that appeal to everyone – regardless of age, background, race or even party preference (wallflowers and chair dancers vs all-night partiers and overly confident amateurs.)

“Uptown Funk” is definitely on that list and is a great way to either get the party going and move people to the dance floor or even to end the party off with a banging final song.

24K Magic

Right along the same lines as “Uptown Funk” falls a recent addition to the list – “24K Magic.” This song adds a similar dose of old-school funk to new-school swag (“#Blessed”) into the mix to keep people on their feet and having a great time while showing off their dance moves on the floor or simply just having a great time watching others do it.

You cannot deny it – Bruno Mars has earned his spot on most wedding DJ playlists regardless of the musical tastes or overall mood. As you are scrolling through your MP3 playlist or old-school record collection trying to find the best songs to add to your request list, chances are that Bruno has already done you and your wedding DJ a huge favor by giving you a memorable list of musical magic as a starting point.

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