Tips for Using a Naperville Wedding DJ for Cake Cutting Ceremonies

By August 9, 2017Blogs

The cake cutting ceremony is usually one of the most memorable moments of a wedding reception. However, if it is not done properly, it could quickly become the part of the reception that everyone yearns to forget. Here is how you can use your Naperville wedding DJ to take your cake cutting ceremony to the next level:

Keep it Short and Sweet

One of the worst things that you can do is drag the cake cutting ceremony out too long. When it first starts, most of your loved ones will gather around – eager to see the newlywed couple cut into the cake and almost just as eager to grab themselves a slice of it. However, if the ceremony seems to last longer than the actual wedding ceremony, you will quickly lose a considerable amount of attention, engagement and even guests at the reception.

Your wedding DJ can help you to keep the cake cutting ceremony moving right along in a timely fashion so that can you make the memories and continue the party without delay.

Have the Photographer Ready in Advance

The photographer should already be in place long before the newlyweds walk to the designated cake table. Another unnecessary delay is when the couple is in place and the cake is ready to be cut, but the photographer has not set everything up to get the perfect shot. Keep in mind that thee no redo opportunities with cutting the cake. After it has been cut, that’s it – especially if the cake table is surrounded by hungry reception guests eager to top off their meals with a delicious dessert.

As you are going over your initial plans with your Naperville or Rockford photographer, make sure that your wedding DJ is kept in the loop as well. He or she can help you to remind the photographer of the event timeline to ensure everything and everyone is in place and on schedule.

Plan for a Quick Follow-Up of Served Slices

After the newlywed couple cuts into the cake and takes their captivating poses, there will more than likely be two things on the guests’ minds: (1) getting a slice of their own and (2) heading back to their seats to get comfortable. The last thing that they want to do is continue standing at the cake table, waiting for an excessive period of time before they can walk away with a slice of cake.

As you work on planning the timing of the photographer and the actual cake cutting ceremony, make sure that you also plan the timing of the rest of cake being sliced. It is highly recommended to have the caterers (or someone else helping with the food and refreshments) to handle the cutting for you. Having an experienced caterer (or someone that is experienced at cutting cakes for party guests) is the best course of action to take, because it will save you time and perhaps even money.

Cue the Naperville Wedding DJ to Start the Dancing

Once the cake cutting ceremony is over, that is usually the end of the scheduled “milestones” of the standard wedding reception – which means it is time for the crowd to get on the dance floor and start breaking it down, busting a move and cutting a rug! However, if your wedding DJ is not ready to transition from the cake cutting to the general dance session smooth and successfully, the overall vibe and energy of the party may be cut up and dissected almost as much as your wedding cake.

The recommended approach is to make sure that your wedding DJ has some pleasant mood music playing during dinner and the cake cutting ceremony, but cranks up the volume and starts blasting jams immediately afterwards. Doing so will help you to get your money’s worth from your Naperville or Rockford IL wedding DJ and make sure that your cake cutting ceremony is brilliant – not boring!

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