Top Tips for Creating a Song Request List for Your Wedding DJ

By July 19, 2017Blogs

The venue in Saint Charles is reserved, the wedding DJ is booked and the caterer has the menu set. Everything and everyone seem to be in place for the wedding ceremony and reception – including the marriage license paperwork, guestbook, gift table and party favors. However, what is the first song that the DJ will play? What about the last song? Most wedding DJs in Saint Charles, Illinois ask their clients for a list of song requests if they have any special songs in mind that they would like played. Here are several top tips to keep in mind while creating that list.

It’s Not a Playlist, Just a Request List

One of the most artistic elements of a high-quality wedding DJ is the ability to mix and blend songs in a way that entertains, engages and excites the party guests. This is an important skill to keep in mind, because it removes your need to organize a structured playlist of which songs to play and the specific order in which to play them. Think of it like a master juggler: All he needs from you is the set of balls or items you want him to juggle and then you can just stand back and enjoy the show. The same is the case with a skilled wedding DJ in Saint Charles: All you need to do is provide them with the musical “balls” that you want and allow him or her to handle the rest as you just stand back and enjoy!

Get Specific Song Choices from the Newlyweds

While working on the request list, you should focus on getting specific song choices from the actual newlyweds themselves. Perhaps they already have songs in mind that are special to them that they want to hear and/or dance to on their special day. If you are planning the reception on behalf of that couple, make sure that you consult with them for this part of the planning process to find out the songs that they do and (more importantly) do not want to hear.

Match Specific Songs with Specific Moments

Your wedding DJ will more than likely handle the music for the general dance session based on audience engagement along with the theme and overall mood of the event. However, during the planned and prepared portion of the wedding reception, you will likely need to identify specific songs for specific moments.

For instance, consider which song needs to be played during the:

  • Entrance of the wedding party
  • Entrance of the bride and groom
  • First dance of the newlywed couple
  • Mother-son and/or father-daughter dances
  • Slideshow/video presentations

Once again, if you are making plans on behalf of the newlywed couple, make sure you consult with them to get their input – especially when it comes to the song for the first dance and the emotional moments they will share with their respective parents.

An Expert Wedding DJ in Saint Charles Can Help You

The most important part of the process is to remember you are not alone. When it comes to entertainment and how to keep the party going with music and dancing in Saint Charles, an expert wedding DJ is, well… an expert! Feel free to ask them questions, address any concerns and get any advice from them as you prepare for the big day.

At times, it is easy to overthink even the smallest tasks when planning a wedding ceremony or reception – including a list of requested songs to play throughout the event. The third-party perspective of an experienced wedding DJ can really come in handy since you more than likely want to keep your sanity throughout the planning process!

Call Crossfade Entertainment today so we can help lighten the load of planning your event in Saint Charles. We will walk you through exactly what you need you to get the most value from your wedding DJ.


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