How to Spice Up That Christmas Office Party with Quality Music from a Professional DJ

By December 15, 2017Blogs

It comes around at the same time every single year. After 11 ½ months of hard work, lunch breaks, paydays and everything in between, you finally get a chance to see your coworkers cut loose, let their hair down, bust a move and have a great time at the expense of your employer.

In theory, the Christmas office party should be the most amazing experience of the year that you and your coworkers will enjoy reflecting on for the next 11 ½ months. Here is how investing in music from a professional DJ for your Naperville CA office party can help you to achieve that goal:

Focus on the Available Venue Space

When you have the office party at a rented venue (such as a community center or ballroom), then you do not really have to worry about the venue space limitations. Chances are that there is more than enough room for the professional DJ to setup his or her equipment and a designated dance floor ready and waiting for your coworkers to “cut a rug.” However, when the party is at a much smaller venue (such as your actual office), then you will need to brainstorm ways to accommodate dancing and the DJ.

The spacing affects more than you realize – especially when it comes to the type of music that the DJ plays. For instance, a DJ will not hesitate to play popular line dance music in a rented ballroom, but may not be able to get the same reaction within a confined office space. For instance, where can you do the Cha-Cha slide in a room filled with cubicles and office equipment?

Take an Office Poll When Creating the Playlist

Professional DJs are at their best when they have the requested songs in advance. It is true that they can toss last-minute and spontaneous requests into the mix during the event. However, he or she will be able to masterfully create a captivating mix strategy if you provide them with the songs that your guests will want to hear the most in advance.

You can accomplish this simply by taking a poll of the office days or even weeks in advance of the Naperville CA office party. Doing so will help you to identify which songs the staff wants to hear as well as which songs they do not want to hear at all. That way, as the DJ works through the playlist during the event, your coworkers will get even more excited when they hear their selections added into the mix without having to make a specific request.

Be Selective with the Selected DJ

Another way to effectively spice up your Christmas office party is to ensure you hire a high-quality professional DJ to take care of your entertainment needs. With the advancements in today’s technology, you might assume that an iPhone playlist and Bluetooth speaker set will suffice. It is true that this type of equipment will serve the basic purpose of playing music for a party. However, if you are expecting to receive the same level of high-quality mixes, powerful sound quality, impressive lighting and the artistry that only a professional DJ with years of experience can provide, then your Christmas office party in Naperville CA will be much more mild than spicy!


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