The Right Music List To Set You In The Mood

At CrossFade Entertainment we have compiled a list of top music you can enjoy at your wedding or other special events.

If you are thinking music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and more, we have you covered. Our music for the wedding includes the top 00’s requests, top 100 requests, and top 200 requests.

When you book us for your event, you will have no hassle in selecting the music list for your wedding.

A Wedding Song List You Can’t Resist

Every session in your wedding program or special event needs its special music.

We specialize in giving you the best wedding song list you can use for guest arrival, processional entrance for bridesmaids and groomsmen, and bridal entrance.

Once the formality is over, we play music for your recessional walk, cocktail time and reception entrance.

We play the best song for your special first dance as a married couple and your dance with your parents.

Special Wedding Songs For You And Your Better Half

You are looking forward to the warm speech for your family and friends. Our DJs have a wide choice of wedding songs to play when your parents are walking to the floor to give their speech.

Other special wedding songs will play when you are having your dinner and during the cake cutting. But, the best comes when it’s time to party!

Download our list of wedding songs to get a taste of what we will offer you during your special day.

Call today and book us for your event.

Want to know what kind of music I can bring to your next event?

Below you’ll find a downloadable list of music I recommend for different special occasions.  Use this as a starting point in putting your next event together.

Any list can be combined and changed up depending on your event or audience.

If you have a question or want to talk more, please contact us HERE or call us at 8774353233

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