The Perfect Plan: What to Remember When Planning a Wedding Reception Schedule

By September 30, 2017Blogs

While the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, the reception seems to be the most detailed part of the experience. From emotional dances and heartwarming toasts to delicious meals and cake cutting camera shots, there are a lot of memories that are usually created during the wedding reception. When planning a Naperville wedding reception schedule, here are several pointers to consider:

Keep an Eye on the Time

You may want to accomplish quite a few milestones during the wedding reception – especially if you are trying to work through a checklist of sorts. Some wedding planners and future spouses think of all the different reception activities and events they have been seen done at other weddings in real life or even in romantic movies. However, before you get too far ahead of yourself, pay close attention to your time limitations. For how long do you have the venue reserved?

Chances are you will remember to deduct the time needed to set up and decorate before the actual event. However, there are several other deductions that can easily get overlooked, including the time needed:

  • to complete the wedding party entrances upon arrival
  • for the bride, groom and wedding party to finally arrive
  • to serve and eat dinner before any scheduled interruptions
  • to slice and serve the cake after the cake cutting ceremony
  • to hear any scheduled toasts, testimonials and other speeches
  • for any scheduled entertainment (including songs, poems, slide show presentations)
  • for any unexpected delays and downtime
  • to clean up and clear out after the reception

When you factor in all the points above, you may realize that you have a lot less time for your Naperville wedding reception than you think.

You Must Have an Accessible Agenda

The reception is definitely not the time to “wing it” without any schedule or prepared agenda. You need to not only have an agenda that maps out everything hour after hour; it also needs to be easily accessible to everyone involved behind the scenes. It would be ideal to provide copies of the agenda to the attendees to keep them informed of the schedule throughout the event. This will allow them to stay engaged and also help to deter people from unintentionally derailing your schedule with their own contributions to the program.

However, the key people who should have access to an agenda are the wedding planner, reception planner, Master of Ceremonies, the DJ, the scheduled contributors and presenters as well as the catering crew.

Rehearsals are Just Not for the Wedding Ceremony

Not very many people forget about rehearsing the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, the wedding reception hardly ever receives the same level of attention before the big day. When planning your Naperville wedding reception, make the time to rehearse the wedding reception as well. You may have certain surprises that you do not want revealed to the future bride and groom until the big day. It is okay to omit those elements from the rehearsal if they will attend, but you still need to run through the other aspects of your schedule.

The objective is to ensure everyone is familiar with the venue set-up, table arrangement and the timing involved with each scheduled part of the program Even if you wedding DJ is unable to attend the rehearsal, you should still make sure they are brought up to speed with any updates or changes made to the schedule as far in advance as possible.

Be Ready to Make Last Minute Cuts

You may have a perfect Naperville wedding reception schedule that is well-written, well-timed and well-rehearsed. However, you have no idea what sort of last-minute complications and delays may arise. Therefore, your schedule must be flexible enough to make any last-minute adjustments or major cuts whenever necessary. Doing so will ensure that everything moves smoothly as you create cherished memories to complete the newlyweds’ beautiful wedding ceremony.

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