Why Doing a Memory Book for Your Wedding Party is a Great Idea

By December 1, 2017Blogs

Your big day has come and gone. You are now married to the love of your life and perhaps reflecting on the amazing time that you had on your honeymoon. What is a great way to express gratitude to your wedding party for the key role that they played in your special day? Yes, you could gift them with specialized party favors and trinkets or even a basic “Thank You” card with a heartfelt, handwritten expression within it. However, if you want to do something different that will make them truly feel special, then you should consider investing in memory books to artistically reflect your Naperville CA wedding.

Personalized Gifts are the Best Gifts

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why capturing the special moments and photos from your Naperville CA wedding in memory books for your wedding party is based on the beauty of personalized gifts. Most people thoroughly enjoy receiving gifts that are unique and personalized over common and store-bought. Taking that extra step to do something special for the recipient makes the gift that much more valuable – especially when you are showing gratitude for such a major event in your life.

A Perfect Refresher for Missed Moments

There is a lot of chaos that occurs behind the scenes of the average wedding. Even if everything goes according to plan, chances are that you were too busy distracted by your own to-do items, high-speed train of thought and other delightful distractions leading right up to the moment you said “I do” or enjoyed your first dance together as married spouses.

Chances are that your wedding party experienced a comparable degree of that “beautiful chaos” and may have missed quite a few moments either behind the scenes or during the actual ceremony and reception for one reason or another. Documenting your special day in Naperville CA with memory books filled with wedding photos and other mementos will refresh their memories of what they did see and also enlighten them on what they may have missed.

A Memorable “Trophy” for a Major Milestone

Being part of a wedding party is an honor and privilege that many people cherish for a lifetime. This is especially the case for those bridesmaids and groomsmen who may not be asked to serve in those particular roles ever again. On the other hand, perhaps they may serve the role but never feel as close to the bride and groom as they did as part of your wedding party. A memory book that captures moments from your Naperville CA marital celebration could essentially serve as their “trophy” of this sentimental accolade that they may reflect on and admire for the rest of their lives.

A Sentimental Gift to Share with Future Generations

Another reason why memory books are great wedding party gifts is the fact that they can be passed on and shared with future generations. For instance, your children and the children of your wedding party members may enjoy the moments documented within this memory book more than you. Years after the actual wedding day has passed, you will be able to share these photographs that captured a moment filled with love and commitment with perhaps a touch of chaos and confusion. Instead of looking at the memory book as a one-time gift that will quickly be forgotten, you can treasure it as a book of your history that will be even more valuable in the future.

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