From Good to Great: What Makes a Wedding DJ in Naperville Memorable?

By July 5, 2017Blogs

There is a crystal clear difference between a wedding reception with a pre-organized playlist and a reception with an expert DJ overseeing the entertainment. You have more than likely attended each of these types of events at least once. Perhaps that is why you are interested in learning more about wedding and event DJs in Naperville instead of top tips for making your own playlist.

A Wedding DJ WIll Set the Scene, Make the Mood

One of the biggest highlights that a DJ provides an event in Naperville that a pre-organized playlist cannot is the mood and ambiance of the event. You may have the perfect song in mind and assume your attendees will enjoy it only to find out that you were absolutely wrong during the party. That usually leads to rushing to the MP3 player or computer to skip through 1-2 tracks until you find one that “hits the mark.” By the time you find the song, though, your attendees may have already called the time of death of your party.

An expert wedding DJ is able to skillfully set the scene and create the mood at the beginning of the event. They are then able to study and examine the engagement and preferences of your party attendees to guide the rest of the musical melodies until the very last note of the last song. Trusting in that type of expertise will allow you to focus on other aspects of the party – including your own personal enjoyment of the festivities – without becoming overwhelmed with serving as your own “makeshift DJ.”

Different Tastes for Different Tunes

It is much harder than you think to create a pre-organized playlist that will cater to the various tastes in music that will fill the seats and dance floor space at your venue. You may notice that certain songs attract some and repel others – making it nearly impossible to create your own mix that accommodates to everyone’s taste within a premade playlist.

Fortunately, an expert DJ has the experience and insight needed to find the perfect song to match the taste of any audience or attendee. Even within the average wedding reception, musical tastes can switch and drastically differ from person to person – including the guests of honor! One partner could be a country western fan while the other absolutely hates country and prefers R&B or pop. One person may love boy bands while another person may hate them with a passion!

An experienced wedding DJ is able to find the appropriate balance that blends well with the mood and satisfies all ears and musical tastes while still focusing on your event theme and ambiance. This is one of the most priceless qualities of a DJ over a preplanned playlist. If your mix simply does not resonate with your guests, you will be left with an empty dance floor and a sense of dread since no one will be having fun. A great DJ in Naperville essentially has a sixth sense for detecting when that type of imbalance is in the air and quickly makes the necessary changes to accommodate the audience. Before you know it, Voila! People are out of their seats, on the dance floor and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and relaxation.

The Value of Interactions, Insight & Requests

Another key difference between pre-organized playlists and wedding DJs in Naperville is the art of interaction and insight. A playlist comes with a set number of specific songs – if a song that Guest # 5 wants is not on the list, there’s nothing you can do about it except watch a saddened guest walk back to his or her seat.

On the other hand, a wedding DJ in Naperville will be able to have the flexibility and versatility to blend in special requests to their mixes without breaking up the flow or ruining the mood with excessive “dead air.”

Who wouldn’t love a job where you get to play good music and see people happy? It may seem like a silly question, but it’s what makes a great DJ stand out. No matter how many dozens or hundreds of weddings they attend, a great DJ will bring a refreshing level of passion and dedication to each and every one. Those DJs are the select few who are memorable for the right reasons and known for providing flawless experiences for all types of events.

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