CrossFade Entertainment has the lights to set the right mood for your wedding or special event. You can enjoy these lighting services in the Northern Illinois areas of Rockford, Chicago, Freeport, DeKalb, St. Charles, and Elgin.

Parties with ordinary lights do not have the “wow” factor you want from your wedding or special event. When you use lighting services from CrossFade Entertainment, you will get the “wow” factor as well as impressed guests at your venue.

We transform boring venues painted in beige or white into spaces full of color with Up Lighting, the hottest in current lighting trends. Our magnificent spotlights can showcase everything from a toast to your wedding cake.


One of the hottest trends currently on the market for lighting and special events is Up Lighting. Up Lights are the lights placed around the perimeter of the room that direct their light up on the wall. Since most venues offer beige or white-colored walls, Up Lighting can be used in a variety of different colors.

These lights are made from light-emitting diodes (LED) that can be programmed to produce up to 16 million different colors. Even if you just want one color for your venue, you also have the options available of strobe or sound-activated movement. These lights can be tilted in either direction, left or right for a different effect.

Unlike the older models of these lights, the new version offered CrossFade Entertainment produces little to no heat from their fixtures. These are safe for most, if not all, venues you may choose.


CrossFade Entertainment offers a unique take on wedding lighting using Up Lighting. These LED lights produce minimal heat and transform any event hall with the click of a switch. These lights can take your guests’ breath away when they enter your reception area.

Available in a spectrum of 16 million colors, you can pick the shades that match your special day. You can mix and match multiple colors for a custom lighting experience, or you can choose one color for a single ambiance effect.

No matter what you choose, our lighting services will set your wedding venue apart from others. Our lighting options can make your floral and table pieces stand out in the crowd.


The entire mood of a party can be changed when the spotlight gets turned on.

CrossFade Entertainment’s spotlights can be synced to the music we play, offering a unique experience to the beat of your music selections. When everyone is on the dancefloor, we can recreate the disco dance floor by applying a strobe effect that gets your guests pumped up.

You can guarantee that a good spotlight change can bring everyone to the dance floor without fail. Liven up your party with our spotlight services.


Add a Memorable Spark to Your Special Event


Make your wedding or special event stand out by illuminating the night with a fountain of sparkle from the Cold Spark Machine. Your guests are completely safe when we use this to add special effects to your special event.

Your guests will enjoy a show that can be synced to your music, providing a unique sparkler display at just the right moment. Your special event will shine when you use CrossFade Entertainment’s new Cold Spark Machine.


The Cold Spark Machine is cold to the touch, making it 100% safe for your event. Traditional fireworks displays can be unpredictable and often no allowed within venues, and the Cold Spark Machine is entirely safe for use.

The Cold Spark Machine produces minimal dust and odor, making it ideal for indoor use. Your guests can experience a spectacular show without the smoke and dust flooding the room. Get the pyrotechnic experience without the pyrotechnic side effects.


Everyone knows that the first dance is a memorable experience at a wedding reception. Along with lighting changes, the Cold Spark Machine can be used to create a particular emphasis on this once in a lifetime dance.

You have never witnessed a wedding reception quite like the one CrossFade Entertainment can offer you. When you choose the Cold Spark Machine for your special day, your reception will be the envy of all your guests and memorable.


Nothing heats the dancefloor like a Cold Spark Machine. The synchronized sparkler show to your musical selections can bring the heat, despite being cold to the touch.

Your guests can dance the night away while experiencing an indoor sparkler display, setting the mood for an upbeat party experience.

When you need to bring the heat, contact CrossFade Entertainment to reserve your party and the Cold Spark Machine for your next event. We offer our services to the Northern Illinois areas of Rockford, Chicago, Freeport, DeKalb, St. Charles, and Elgin.

When you need to light up the dance floor, use the only fireworks show that is safe for indoor use.

Event Packages


$ 999

Starting at
  •  Minimal Anouncements
  •  5 Hours at Venue
  • Two Speaker Setup
  • T-Bar with Independent Lights
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Online Event Planning


$ 1699

Starting at
  • Professional MC/DJ
  • Unlimited Time until 2AM
  • Four Speaker Setup
  • Truss with Intelligent Lights
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Online Event Planning
  • Personal Consultation
  • 15 Full Room Up lighting

Gold Package

$ 2499

Starting at
  • Professional MC/DJ
  • Unlimited Time until 2AM
  • Four Speaker Setup
  • Truss with Intelligent Lights
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Online Event Planning
  • Personal Consultation
  • Light show
  • 30 Wireless Computer Controlled Full Room Up lighting
  • Photo Booth unlimited time
  • Photo Booth Attendant
  • Choice of Backdrops
  • Custom Template Design for Picture Prints


$ 99

Starting at
  •  Ceremony Music $150
  • Photo Booth unlimited time with props & prints $1000
  • Photo Booth Memory Book $120
  • Custom Designed Backdrop for Event 150
  • Dance On Cloud Effect $150
  • Name In Lights Monogram $100
  • Slide Show/Video Projection $150
  • Dance Under The Stars
  • Bubble Machine
  • Haze Machine
    Fog Machine
  • Cold Spark Machine Indoor use 200