3 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding DJ in Rockford IL Over a Band Is the Best Choice

By July 7, 2017Blogs

When planning your wedding in Rockford or Naperville IL, you’re probably wondering about music during your reception — this is when you debate over hiring either a professional wedding DJ or a band. To make the best decision, there are more details to consider: what kind of music do you want to hear? Do you want originals, popular songs, covers, etc.? Do you want to dance? What kind of dancing? If you’re stuck on some of these common questions, wedding DJs are more versatile and are professionals at keeping the party going. Here are a few good reasons why a Rockford IL wedding DJ will help make your reception livelier than a band.

1. A Rockford Wedding DJ Is Better for Those Who Love Partying and Dancing

It should be pretty obvious: when there’s a DJ, there’s a party. This is especially beneficial if the wedding reception is for you, your new spouse and your closest friends; if your in-laws and extended family won’t be joining you for the party, you might as well turn up and get your dance on. A professional DJ has knowledge of which songs and genres are the best for dancing and can play that material for the occasion.
Hiring a band won’t give you that versatility; unless a band specializes in dance music, you probably won’t be able to drop it low for a rock or jazz band.

2. A DJ Can Give You a Little Bit of Everything; Bands Are Limited

Maybe you and your friends want to shake it for one song, and then slow dance for the next song. This is the benefit of having a wedding DJ: they have a huge selection of music.
Bands aren’t as adaptable. Whether it’s covers, rock n’ roll, blues, etc. musicians specialize in playing one genre. DJs specifically work with multiple genres and styles of music for this exact reason.

3. A DJ Can Work with the Crowd; a Band Works with What They Can Play

Let’s say hiring a wedding DJ I Rockford is a last-minute decision and you haven’t gone over what you want to hear. No worries — an expert can look at the crowd and determine if they should play Nicki Minaj or The Eagles. A DJ is professional for a reason: they think “crowd first” and understand certain songs and genres are appropriate for a specific crowd.
Whereas bands are limited; like previously mentioned, musicians specialize in one style or genre of music. Since weddings usually host a lot of people with wide tastes in music, not everyone will be excited about the band. This also makes requests easier — the band won’t be able to play all requests, but a DJ will more than likely have any song that is requested.

No matter what kind of Naperville or Rockford IL wedding you have, there are many benefits to hiring a wedding DJ over a band. Whether it’s constant dancing during your reception or love ballads to put your loved ones in the mood, a DJ’s job is to work with the crowd. A band won’t be able to give you this versatility.


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