Special DJ for a Special Day: Why We Have the Best Wedding DJs in Rockford

By June 18, 2015Blogs

Are you planning a birthday party in Rockford IL and need the entertainment to be as hot as the candles on the cake? Do you need an upcoming wedding reception to welcome the newlyweds into a dancing celebration that they will never forget? Perhaps you want a corporate event to be brilliant instead of boring. Regardless your specific needs or desires for music and dancing, Crossfade Entertainment’s wedding DJs have a proven track record of making sure your event goes off with a bang.

Our Track Records Speaks for Itself

Having the best DJ available in all of Rockford will make almost immediately boost the excitement and enthusiasm pumped into your party or social event. Instead of taking a change with any other DJ who may not meet your expectations, the best investment you can make is to hire a superior DJ known for versatility, an accommodating work ethic, attentiveness and an artistic mastery of audience engagement. There are not very many event and wedding DJs that have the level of experience and “je ne sais quoi” that Crossfade Entertainment has successfully delivered time after time, event after event. Who else do you know that has built such a stellar track record on spinning records and tracks?

We Have an A+ Reputation to Match Your A+ Event

There’s hardly a popular venue throughout the Northwest Illinois area at which we have not performed. As any event or wedding planner will tell you, finding high-quality venues and vendors for these types of occasions is based on who you know and who knows you. The first-class relationships and contacts we have obtained along with the expert knowledge we have acquired over the years have allowed Crossfade Entertainment to make our mark in locations from Chicago and Naperville to Beloit, WI.

Thanks to our reputation, our team can come into most venues, get set up and rock your party seamlessly from start to finish. You can trust us: When your big day or special event rolls around, you can rest assured in knowing that our team of expert wedding DJs are fully equipped and ready to rock – showing up early and partying late to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Our Expertise Will Guide You from A to Z

One of the biggest complaints that most consumers and party planners have about event and wedding DJs in Rockford IL is their lack of knowledge and/or support. Perhaps you have dealt with a DJ in the past who didn’t want to answer your questions, patiently address your concerns or even share advice and insight to add to and improve your list of ideas. Fortunately, Crossfade Entertainment strives to break the mold and stand apart from those low-quality competitors by becoming your one-stop shop for quality advice, answers and assistance!

In addition to serving as your event entertainment or wedding DJ, we will also guide you through the entire planning process. From selecting tracks and engaging genres to setting the atmosphere and offering lighting options, Crossfade Entertainment can take care of it all! We’ll ask the right questions and address the appropriate points to make sure we see your vision as clearly as you do. Once we have all the information that we need from you, our team of experts will develop the perfect soundtrack for your event – including special requests and memorable mixes that will set and sustain the mood from start to finish. We even have a suite of online event planning tools to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

High-Quality Equipment & Packages with High-Quality DJs

Perhaps the biggest two highlight of our wedding and event DJ team is our experience and equipment. Each of our DJs has a considerable amount of experience that allows them to excel at what they do on the one’s and two’s. However, their extraordinary technical skills and seamless mixing abilities are further enhanced by our top-of-the-line equipment!  You want the very best for your event, which is why we will provide you with the very best DJs and the very best equipment.

Like icing on the cake, we also offer package options for such popular additions as light shows and photo booth rentals. Our packages start from $599 – each of which includes unlimited time until midnight, personalized service and our premium online event planning tools.

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