Music makes any party more enjoyable. CrossFade Entertainment has packages for any event that you may be planning. Whether you are planning a wedding reception or a private party, your guests won’t be disappointed.

CrossFade Entertainment has the best music services available in Northern Illinois for your wedding or special event.

Your guests won’t want to stay in their seats when our DJs play uninterrupted music during your wedding or private party. Prepare to dance all night long with CrossFade Entertainment handling your music selections.


You deserve the best music at your wedding. You are already busy with all the other arrangements for your big day, and finding the time to create the perfect playlist seems impossible. When you hire CrossFade Entertainment, you don’t have to worry about finding your playlist. We have lists available to make your big day perfect.

Even if you are only looking for a playlist appropriate for a private party, we have an expansive list that covers every genre you can think of. If you have a favorite song, we can build a playlist to match. Your party’s music will be talked about for weeks after the event.

CrossFade Entertainment DJs can even take requests from your guests and add them to the playlists, keeping everyone happy by hearing their favorite songs.


When you hire a professional music service, you expect professional-grade sound equipment. CrossFade Entertainment only uses equipment that offers top performance in any venue. Our professionals arrive at your wedding or private party early to set up and test the equipment to ensure the best performance experience.

If your package includes a recording of your event, the quality will be perfect. Our equipment guards from distorting sounds that often break up sound recordings.

We use wireless microphones that don’t cut out on your guests when they are giving their speeches. Instructions will be heard flawlessly over our speakers when given by the emcee.

Our equipment and placement provide premium sound volume and quality throughout the entire venue. Your guest will be able to hear everything, no matter their seating position. We use expert balancing techniques to ensure there are no screeching sounds or overpowering bass in your entertainment.


If you want something a little more fun at your wedding or private event, CrossFade Entertainment offers karaoke playlists. Paired with our wireless microphones, anyone within your guest list can take part in the fun.

Karaoke is always guaranteed to provide additional entertainment for your special event. If you want a good laugh, our DJs know what it takes to lead a fun karaoke session during your party.

For added fun, you can pick a playlist for the karaoke at your party. The surprise will allow your guests to show their wild side while having fun at the same time.


CrossFade Entertainment offers fun that guests of any age can enjoy. When you are looking for fun at your wedding reception or private event, let us provide the fun and entertainment you crave.

We offer our entertainment services in the Northern Illinois areas of Rockford, Chicago, Freeport, DeKalb, St. Charles, and Elgin.

Call today for pricing packages that are custom-fitted for your special event.

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