Bust a Move: How to Get More Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor than at the Tables

By September 25, 2017Blogs

After the delicious dinner and dessert are served at a wedding reception, it is usually time to open up the floor to allow the guests to dance the night away. However, getting that stage of the party going may seem easier said than done. Here are several top tips that will help you to make this type of transition from dining to dancing at your Rockford IL or Naperville wedding reception:

Make the Announcement Clear and Exciting

The announcement of the general dance floor session must be captivating enough to grab your guests’ attention and inspiring enough to cause them to literally move to action. Make sure that the person responsible for making the announcement is capable of delivering this type of message with excitement and enthusiasm. With enough energy, you will encourage more people than you realize to step outside of their comfort azones to “cut a rug” and “bust a move.”

Update Table Guests throughout the Night

Just because the table guests do not respond to your initial call to the dance floor does not mean that they do not care or simply ignored you. There may be more than enough activities and other engaging aspects of your reception – such as photo booths and open bars – to maintain their attention and distract them from the dance floor. Issuing periodic reminders and follow-up announcements throughout the event will help you to grow your “dance floor population” song after song. Persistent yet pleasant reminders will encourage even some of the most skeptical guests to hit the dance floor at least once themselves before the night is over.

Allow the DJ to Control the Playlist

You can ruin your chances of bringing your wedding reception dance floor to life just by dictating the complete playlist of the wedding DJ. During the planning stage long before the big day, you and your future spouse will have more than enough time to work with your Naperville wedding DJ to decide which special songs he or she should play as well as the ones that he should not play.

Therefore, on the big day, no one should need to intervene or interrupt the wedding DJ’s experience. Doing so could easily cause a disruption in the flow of traffic heading toward the dance floor. However, it could possibly cause more traffic to flow toward the “Exit” doors.

Have a Cheerleader Grab Individual Guests

You do not need an official cheerleader with chants, flips and Pom-Poms. An ambitious and enthusiastic wedding guest who is as excited and pumped about the dancing as you are will suffice. This is an arrangement that should be planned and even rehearsed in advance. You need to make sure that your “cheerleader” does not intrude the personal space or conversations of your wedding guests. Doing so may backfire on everyone involved and cause more guests to leave the party in general.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

Even with the greatest wedding DJ in the world handling your playlist for the wedding, chances are that you will not get 100% participation. It is imperative to maintain realistic expectations in this regard – knowing that your efforts were successful even if you get the vast majority of your guests to dance to at least one song.

In your mind, as you playback your dream footage of how your wedding reception will go on the big day, never forget that those are just dreams. Unnecessary delays and unexpected complications arise frequently at weddings and wedding receptions throughout the Naperville and Rockford IL areas. Make sure that you hire a wedding DJ who is skilled and fully capable of meeting your specific needs as a customer while exceeding your expectations.


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