7 Don’ts That Any Naperville Wedding DJ Should Keep in Mind

By August 23, 2017Blogs

Chances are that the last thing you want to see at a wedding reception in Naperville or Rockford IL is a bored wedding DJ or an empty dance floor. However, it is much easier to turn this nightmare into a dream than you think. Here are seven quick ways you can end the party sooner than you planned. Consider them as cautionary tales and don’ts you should keep in mind for your next wedding party.

Don’t Use the Dance Floor for Seating or Storage

Depending on the size of your venue in Rockford IL, you may not have as large of a space as you imagined – especially when you consider guest chairs and tables, food tables, cake stands, DJ equipment, etc. Some people may even decide to use the provided dance floor space to accommodate some of those things during the scheduled part of the reception. Here’s the thing: If you do not clear the dance floor in a timely fashion while transitioning to the dancing part of the party, you might as well call it a night.

Don’t Pump Up the Volume to “Earthquake” Mode

Your wedding DJ’s speakers will more than likely sound really good. As soon as your song starts playing, you may react the same way you do at home or in the car by yelling, “Turn it up! That’s my jam!” Here’s the thing: DJ speakers do not need to be cranked to the max for you to have a great time. Turning them up too loud so that all of Naperville can hear the music will give your guests splitting headaches, beeping ears and a one-way express ticket to leave the party ASAP.

Don’t Allow “Bad Day” Guests to Request Multiple Songs

Ideally, you want everyone at the wedding reception to be happy and have a great time. Unfortunately, every reception is going to have at least one table worth of people that had a bad day and decided to attend the reception anyway. Be cautious if you plan to allow those people to request specific songs from the wedding DJ. Sad songs can kill the mood of a wedding reception much faster than an empty bar – especially if the “bad day” guests were the ones doing all the drinking.

Don’t Have More Speeches & Toasts than Spins & Twirls

The newlywed couple may enjoy hearing testimonials and congratulatory messages from as many guests as possible. However, the guests more than likely will not – especially if they hear a wedding DJ and dance floor calling their names. Keep this in mind when selecting and scheduling people to give toasts or sing songs.

Don’t Talk to the Wedding DJ like a Guest All Night

Your wedding DJ in Rockford IL may be friendly, but that does not mean they want to be involved in lengthy conversations with guests as if they did not have a job to do. An experienced and skilled DJ needs to spend his or her time loading and mixing tracks as well as reading the audience to keep the party going. If you want to have a lengthy conversation, get their business card and try to speak to them elsewhere in Naperville or Rockford IL when they are “off the clock.” In the meantime, talk less and dance more!

Don’t Force the DJ to Stick to One Genre

The beauty and power of an experienced DJ – such as the musical mixing masters at Crossfade Entertainment – comes with their ability to mix in a variety of genres and generations to please all musical tastes and preferences. Forcing a wedding DJ to stick to one genre for the entire ight will bore the DJ. Remember: The DJ is paid to stay there – not the guests.

Don’t Treat the Wedding DJ Like a Personal MP3 Player

The wedding DJ is there to please the crowd and keep the dance floor full – not please you and keep your personal song request list as a top priority. Do not try to monopolize the song list. This impairs the DJ’s ability to make magic happen for the crowd and will quickly remind the guests of where the exits are located.

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