6 Steps for Getting the Best Photo Booth Service for Your Holiday Party

By November 24, 2017Blogs

If you are interested in hiring the best photo service for your holiday party in Naperville, CA, here are several steps that you should seriously consider taking:

Focus on the Confirmed Head Count

When you are shopping around for the best photo booth service to use for your Naperville CA holiday party, the first step you should take is to confirm your party’s head count. Keep in mind that a substantial amount of people will want to spend some quality time with your photo booth – possibly even making multiple trips to the booth. However, chances are that not everyone will be as excited about the photo booth as you think. This is a common truth about any type of premium feature that you bring into a holiday party, so do not expect a 100% interest and response rate.

Take a Poll to Get Guest Feedback in Advance

To make sure you invest in an appropriate package, you do need to get a general idea of who might be interested in advance. Perhaps taking a poll or just asking for general feedback from your party guests will allow you to assess what level of interest to expect on the big day.

Consider the Venue Lighting

Make sure that you pay attention to the lighting options that you will already have at the venue. This is a crucial step, because you will want to make sure that the lighting does not affect what you have working with the photo booth. Perhaps having it in a section of the room where the up-lights and other lighting devices are not located in the best idea.

Keep Safety as a Top Priority

Throughout the event, make sure that you keep safety as a top priority for your guests as well as the people helping you to keep everything orderly and organized behind the scenes. The stand could fall, the equipment could tip over or the actual guests’ behavior could lead to unexpected incidents and medical emergencies that could bring your entire party to a screeching halt. Take the necessary precautions to ensure safety beforehand and enforce ground rules for partygoers to follow during the event to ensure it remains safe.

Do Not Forget about the Props

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of photo booths is the fact that you can enhance photos with clever and creative props. In addition to increasing photo ideas and overall opportunities, adding props can also increase the engagement and fun factors for your party guests. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with collecting our own photo booth props from different places over time. However, investing in a high-quality photo booth services means that your chosen vendor should come with a suite of sweet options from which your party guests can choose.

Automation is the Best Method

Regardless of your lighting setup or prop options, make sure that you plan for automation. Chances are that you will not want to have someone nearby ready to activate the photo booth whenever guests decide to visit it. Fortunately, there is a vast number of options that you can implement to trigger automated photography to allow your guests to stop by even when no one else is around. If you invest in a professional photo booth service, do not forget to ask questions beforehand to ensure that a significant level of automation is included.

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