5 Small Details That Make a Big Difference at a Naperville Wedding Reception

By September 21, 2017Blogs

While planning your wedding reception in Rockford, IL, you may spend most of your time working on the major highlights of the event. For instance, you will more than likely focus on the first dance, the timing of the cake cutting ceremony, the prepared toasts given by the Best Man and Maid of Honor as well as the playlists given to the wedding DJ. However, there are several key details that are relatively small in comparison that can still make a big difference in the overall beauty of and positive responses to your reception.

An Accessible and Visible Guestbook

A guestbook should be viewed as a staple item for all wedding receptions regardless of the size of the guest list or the location. A guestbook filled with names and/or signatures of your reception guests can serve as an adorable souvenir to complement your wedding photos and/or videos. Make sure that your attendees know exactly where they can find the guestbook in the first place to ensure that you get as many guests as possible to sign it before people eventually start heading home.

Use a Decorative Centerpiece on Each Table

Your wedding reception decoration plans may consist of streamers, ribbons and other colorful elements to either spread across the floor, on the wall or other places throughout the venue. However, you should make sure that each guest table has its own centerpiece that works well with the theme (if applicable) of your wedding. The centerpiece will serve as the most captivating part of the table decorations at your wedding reception, which is why it is important for you to approach it as a high-priority item.

Do Not Forget the Cake Knife

As mentioned above, the cake cutting ceremony is one of the major highlights of most wedding receptions. The photographer is fully prepared to capture the moment as the newlywed couple cuts into the cake and feeds it to each other. A small crowd of eager guests crowd around the cake table with their cell phones and personal cameras so they can get a snapshot of the big moment as well. However, what is used to cut the cake?

You could use a plastic knife – such as the type of knife that you may have given to your guests for dinner and dessert. However, using an official cake knife will make it easier to cut the cake into serving slices and also look much classier in the wedding photos.

The Presentation of Party Favors

Quite a few wedding guests are excited by the concept of having a takeaway present and souvenir when they finally head home from your Naperville or Rockford IL wedding reception. However, they may quickly change their minds if the quality of the way these party favors are presented to them is much lower than expected. It is highly recommended to have your party favors prepared with the same level of intense focus and organization as the core centerpieces for each table. You could even add the party favors into the overall table decoration and setup to complement the centerpiece and remain highly visible to guests once they sit down and get comfortable at their respective tables.

First Song and Last Song

In addition to every other detail that receives your undivided attention while planning your Naperville wedding reception, the first song and last song chosen by your wedding DJ play an integral role in the overall event. This is especially the case if you plan to have the vast majority of your guests enjoying most of the night on the dance floor instead of their seats. The first song is what sets the tone and gets the party started; the last song of the night will help the attendees to keep dancing while also making it clear that the reception has come to an end.

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