20 Photo Booth Poses to Use at a Naperville Wedding Reception

By August 15, 2017Blogs

When you are preparing to attend (or even host) a wedding reception in Naperville or Rockford IL, you are more than likely focused on the scheduled events, the food and the wedding DJ in addition to special requests from the bride and groom. You are also more than likely concerned about how to keep the wedding guests excited and entertained during the various “waiting periods” of the event. Fortunately, wedding DJs – like the team of musical experts and party planners at Crossfade Entertainment – can come fully equipped with a photo booth that will achieve that goal.

Here is a list of ___ different poses that you and your wedding guests can enjoy at the Naperville wedding reception to keep the party going and the fun times rolling!

Solo Party of One

You do not need to have a partner or group in Naperville or Rockford IL to party in a photo booth – you could go solo!

For instance, you could use the Peephole pose by filling the entire camera lens with your face as if you are peeping through a door peephole. The Call Waiting pose is done by pretending to talk on a cell phone as if you are too busy to take a picture. You could also create a Crazy Collage by making a different crazy face for each individual photo and then putting them all together perhaps in a small frame. The 1, 2, 3 Drink poses shows you spending some quality time with your beverage of choice – perhaps winking at the camera along the way.

For the Fellas

You can spend some quality time with the fellas by showing off your muscles in a Gun Show pose or even pretending to fight in a Fake Bar Brawl pose. You could also go old school with a Freeze Frame High-Five or even a Secret Agent Gunshot pose like they do in the movies. For simpler ideas, you could do a classic “Shades at Night” pose where everyone wears sunglasses or just the standard Eyebrow Raise to show off your machoism. A group of gentlemen should never forget about the comic book-worthy Superhero Shirt Pull – especially if they want to wear actual superhero costumes underneath their dress shirts for the photo.

For the Ladies

The ladies can have just as much fun as the gents with a nostalgic Vogue Freeze pose like they traveled back to the 1980s. They could also use the Bridal Kiss pose by sandwiching the bridge in the middle while her surrounding ladies kiss and/or hold her. Of course, the ladies have their own Secret Agent pose that they could use as well to keep it fun or even the Show Off the Ring pose where they all show off their engagement and/or wedding rings (if applicable.) They could even do the Sassy Face pose where they each showcase their best sassy facial expressions and smirks for the camera.

PDA of Lovebirds

There are so many different photo booth poses that lovebirds and couples can do together – including the Lover’s Kiss shot where the camera captures them sharing a romantic, closed eyes kiss. There is also the Couple of Goofs pose where they both show off goofy facial expressions in exchange of their ordinary smiles and kissy faces. To take the romantic level up a few notches, you could even do the Romantic Stare where you simply stare into each other’s eyes as if to say “I love you so much” with your eyes. The increasingly popular Make a Heart pose, which is where you join your hands together to form a heart-shaped gesture in front of the camera is another great shot that would look amazing in a framed collage.

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